Dreams coming true...

Adela Penagos is extremely approachable, and has a very fun, joyous air to her being. She encourages students to take diverse classes in order to keep all options open, and reviews course descriptions and co-curricular opportunities with them to make sure they maximize their full potential. She encouraged me to join different clubs that I was interested in, but to also know my limit and time commitment.
— KL, Harvard College, Class of 2015
I will be forever grateful to Adela Penagos. Because of her well-thought advice, careful feedback on all of my essays, and genuine care, today, I have the opportunity to study at a great American University. She supervised my entire admissions process and provided me with all the necessary tools to reach my admission goals. However, her help went beyond this process, she has contributed to my own personal development assisting me in meeting life and intellectual milestones. Adela is always eager to help, very interested in one’s personal well-being, and truly committed to the projects she undertakes. I recommended her wholeheartedly to anyone seeking undergraduate or graduate admission at a US institution.
— GNV, Brandeis University, Class of 2018
I was deep into the college decision process when I asked Adela Penagos for advice, I knew what I wanted to say on my essays, and I also knew that simply being genuine is not a recipe for certain selection. Adela showed me how I could combine the two, not only because she understands the college admission process, but because she took the time to get to know me, without that, I don’t think I would be a member of the Class of 2018 at Washington University in St. Louis. Adela Penagos is without a doubt the reason that my dream became a reality.
— NO'R, Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2018
Transferring undergraduate institutions is a challenging decision. Adela Penagos made the process very manageable for me; thus, I was able to focus on excelling academically at the university I was at the time. From our initial meeting, Adela sought to understand the reasons why I wanted to transfer. In between our meetings, Adela researched and discussed with me a range of universities that offered the kind of academic programs I was interested in; the kind of student life I was looking for; and career placements options I sought. Beyond providing me with solid information, she offered very valuable advice on how to present myself to admission offices as well as critiquing my essays. In every step of the way, Adela supported my decision and successfully helped me transfer, something that I am truly grateful for.
— KT, UPenn, 2011
I was very fortunate to meet Adela Penagos during my junior year in college. She became my mentor and role model. I talked to her about my goal to attend medical school and she helped me with my personal statement and interview preparation. My personal statement underwent multiple revisions and she meticulously went through each, providing not only grammatical corrections, but also helped me with the difficult task of expressing my authentic self on paper. Later, shared insight about her interview experiences and practiced mock interviews with me, always giving constructive criticism. She was an invaluable resource in my journey to medical school and I know that she played a major role in my acceptance to many excellent universities.
— DK, BS, University of Notre Dame 2009; MD, Emory University School of Medicine, 2013
I consider myself enormously fortunate to have crossed paths with Adela Penagos during my sophomore year of college. We instantly formed a strong bond, and it was sensational getting guidance from someone so capable, motivated, energetic, and committed to excellence. Throughout my college years at the University of Notre Dame and when I was applying to law school, she skillfully advised me throughout the process, consistently demonstrating that she can deftly navigate the complex and challenging waters of the admissions process. Additionally, her fantastic and upbeat attitude is infectious and she is a real gem of a human being. I hold high standards for others and myself. However, I cannot impress upon you enough about the high degree of character, quality, and professionalism that Adela embodies. You will not come across an individual in this field with more significant expertise, nor will you encounter anyone with greater integrity. Successfully guiding students throughout the entire admissions process and beyond is a daunting task indeed, but I can assure you that you should have no reservations in unequivocally trusting Adela to help advise you in realizing your true potential.
— PVS, BA, University of Notre Dame, 2003; JD, Temple University, 2006
Adela Penagos has been a wonderful mentor and advisor to me for more than a decade, from my days as an undergraduate through my graduate studies and now into my professional career. Firm yet caring, she offers focused advice, asks difficult questions that provoke deep personal reflection, and draws on her own long experience in higher education to put her mentees on the path to success. I heartily recommend her to anyone needing advice in their academic and/or professional pursuits.
— GL, BA, University of Notre Dame, 2005; MA, Northwestern University, 2007; PhD, Northwestern University, 2012
Adela Penagos helped me maximize my college experience by offering tailored advice on classes, internships and opportunities after college. She was always generously available as a counselor and provided valuable perspective on all available options. Her guidance was invaluable in helping me navigate through college and gain admittance to various law schools. Adela has extensive knowledge of the college admissions process, student life and employment opportunities, and I am extremely grateful for her support and advice both during and after college.
— GC, BA, University of Notre Dame, 2008; JD, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, 2011