College Interviews: The Key

By Emilio Joubert, Social Media Intern

Charisma. Many have it, many don’t. Some people are natural extroverts, and others are pensive introverts. Those who are charismatic and outgoing tend to mistakenly believe that they are capable of succeeding in interviews without the preparation and research that their introverted peers may need. College interviews are not an exercise in likability; they are not resume dumps; and they aren’t nearly as bad as everyone makes them out to be. 

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Communicate Like a Champion

I remember sitting in my office at Notre Dame in 2004 when a student invited me to join Facebook.  I thought it was a great way to keep connected with anyone who was engaged with my office, which was housed under the division of student services.  At the time, Facebook was not public.  In 2008, I deleted my account completely by carefully following directions in Wikihow because the posts I read in this forum puzzled me. 

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Next Steps

The end of the school year is a great opportunity to reflect on everything we have learned about our academic and personal habits throughout the year and to consider the benefits of starting a new academic year with a clean slate.  This past year, I taught more incoming first-year students than in the previous year, and I was reminded day in and day out of how little we prepare our students to transition into college.  From my point of view, the biggest ROI in an undergraduate education is rooted in helping students succeed academically and socially during the first year, as this allows them to thrive in subsequent years.  Thus, I am going to share some thoughts to hopefully assist you to transition smoothly into your new life this fall.

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